Program Description

This program produces graduates with a broad understanding of both computing principles and computing practice. The program emphasizes the fundamental computing models through the design and analysis of algorithms and software. Included in the program is coursework in a computing application area outside of the School of Engineering such as business or bioinformatics. The program is supported by study in mathematics, science, and engineering. Students gain hands-on experience in the laboratory courses accompanying classroom work, and develop design skills in course work beginning in the first two years. Design experience continues in junior and senior years in the areas of software engineering and in applications areas of the student's choosing, culminating in the one semester Senior Design Project course.

This program leads to a Bachelor of Science (BS), and requires a minimum of 120 credits. See, also, the Computer Science Program Objectives, Student Outcomes and Population Data.

Program Requirements

For full requirements see guide to course selection

All Engineering students in the first semester of their Junior year, or for transfer students in their second semester at UConn, whichever is later, must prepare a written Plan of Study form. The Plan of Study form documents the program he/she intends to follow to satisfy the degree requirements.


The guide to course selection is also available.